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Well the one good thing about this snow storm is that I was able to finish a couple of projects that unfortunately got pushed aside.  Over the summer, I started two framed pictures; one was of some foxglove flowers, and the other was of a big beautiful sunflower.  I am happy to say that both of the projects are now complete! And they look absolutely beautiful!!

IMG_5716w IMG_5717w IMG_5718w

I just love the way these foxglove flowers turned out! The bright vibrant colors of the flowers are enhanced by the deep purple background and the little bumble bees are so adorable! The ivory pearlized frame adds so much to this picture.  I don’t think it would look as good if it were in just a plain white frame.  For more photos, and pricing information, visit my Etsy shop here.

IMG_5708w IMG_5709w IMG_5715w

This is the other project I was able to finish thanks to the snow storm.  I love the way this sunflower came out!!  It’s just so big and beautiful! I don’t know why I didn’t make more time to finish it but boy am I glad I did! I’m still amazed at what thin strips of paper can create.  The intricate details of each petal are breathtaking and the way each piece is shaped is incredible.

Each time I make pieces like the two shown here, I fall in love with the art of quilling all over again.  I’m working on my next framed project now so check back soon for more great pictures!

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  1. What beautiful work – – I LOVE the Foxgloves. Please contact me when you have the time – – – – Sincerely, Estelle

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