Custom Recipe Box

Recently, I finished making a custom recipe box for a client.  She saw one of the boxes listed on Etsy and requested a similar one.  I started by wrapping the top of the recipe box in a beautiful pastel striped card stock and wrapped the bottom of the box in a mint green card stock that matched the green in the stripes perfectly.  Then I made a variety of flowers in the same colors as the top of the box.  I made the flowers in all different shapes and sizes and accented the flowers with little green leaves.  For the left and right sides of the box, I selected two colors and made some flowers in just those colors and made sure to alternate designs and colors.  On one side, I chose lilac and ivory and made one big flower and accented it with some smaller ones.  On the other side, I chose light blue and pale yellow and made one big blue flower and accented it with smaller yellow ones.  For the top of the recipe box, I made a “statement” flower on one side and smaller ones that wrapped around the top of the box in a backwards “L” shape.  On the front of the box, I positioned the flowers in an “L” shape down one side and a small cluster of flowers on the other.  When I gave the finished product to my client, she absolutely loved the way it came out.  And I have to say that out of all the recipe boxes I have made, I think this one is my favorite.  I love the color palate, the designs, and all the flowers used.  For more pictures and information, please visit Quills4Thrills on Facebook by clicking here or on Etsy by clicking here.

IMG_5559w IMG_5558w IMG_5551w IMG_5549w

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