Decorative Wood Birdhouse with Quilled Accents

Every day on my way home from work I pass a farmhouse that has a variety of bright colorful birdhouses for sale, which always leaves me thinking of how I can incorporate my passion for quilling into the design of a birdhouse. Obviously I know they could never function as a real birdhouse because of the quilled work but why should that prevent me from making indoor decorations? So, while out shopping in my local crafts store, I stumbled upon some of the cutest little birdhouses I’ve ever seen! As I was driving home from the craft store, my mind was running on overdrive thinking of different ways I could decorate my newest project. I decided on a pale peach color as the color for the house and an acorn light brown color for the roof and bottom trim. Then I decorated the sides of the house with some quilled flowers, flower buds, and grass leaves and I quilled little birds and placed them sitting all over the birdhouse. And because this one came out so cute, I have about 4 more in the works that I’m sure will be just as cute as this one! Keep checking back here and on for new items coming soon!








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