Card Drive for Emma

While browsing through Facebook, I stumbled upon a card drive for a 7-year old girl, Emma, who was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The blog, Kelly’s Place, is hosting a card drive for Emma and encourages readers to make upbeat and positive cards to help Emma forget for a moment that she is sick. Their goal is to have at least one card to give Emma every day for two years. Here are a few of the details for the card drive:

  • Cards can be anything cheery, encouraging, supportive, etc.; avoid get well and sympathy cards and any reminders of being sick.  Also, please avoid holiday specific cards so they can be used any time throughout the next two years.
  • Emma is an only child but has plenty of pets to keep her company, with two dogs, a cat, and a fish.  She loves the colors blue, green, and purple; she also loves horses and bunnies.  She enjoys horseback riding, swimming, dancing, and singing.
  • All cards need to have a positive message for the child and/or family.  When sending cards, please include your name and also the city and state in which you live.  Also, do not seal the envelopes , since the family may wish to read the card before giving it to Emma.
  • A small gift, like stickers or anything extremely lightweight, can also be included with the card.  There is no need to include postage with the cards, because they will be hand delivered to Emma’s family.

For more information about this wonderful cause, you can visit Kelly’s Place here.  I think this is such a wonderful idea! I plan to make a few cards myself to send to Emma and I encourage everyone else to do the same!

Memories Photo Box

This month, I’ve been able to finish so many things! First it was the sunflower picture, then it was the picture of the foxgloves and this week I finished decorating a photo box for a friend at work.  I’ve had the idea for this photo box for months but somehow there was never enough time to finish it! Thankfully though, I was able to get it done this weekend and I love the way it turned out!!

IMG_5743w IMG_5736w IMG_5737w IMG_5738w IMG_5739w

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New Pictures

Well the one good thing about this snow storm is that I was able to finish a couple of projects that unfortunately got pushed aside.  Over the summer, I started two framed pictures; one was of some foxglove flowers, and the other was of a big beautiful sunflower.  I am happy to say that both of the projects are now complete! And they look absolutely beautiful!!

IMG_5716w IMG_5717w IMG_5718w

I just love the way these foxglove flowers turned out! The bright vibrant colors of the flowers are enhanced by the deep purple background and the little bumble bees are so adorable! The ivory pearlized frame adds so much to this picture.  I don’t think it would look as good if it were in just a plain white frame.  For more photos, and pricing information, visit my Etsy shop here.

IMG_5708w IMG_5709w IMG_5715w

This is the other project I was able to finish thanks to the snow storm.  I love the way this sunflower came out!!  It’s just so big and beautiful! I don’t know why I didn’t make more time to finish it but boy am I glad I did! I’m still amazed at what thin strips of paper can create.  The intricate details of each petal are breathtaking and the way each piece is shaped is incredible.

Each time I make pieces like the two shown here, I fall in love with the art of quilling all over again.  I’m working on my next framed project now so check back soon for more great pictures!

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21st Birthday Card

This year was my sister 21st birthday, and since she is going to college to be an entomologist, I couldn’t just make her a traditional birthday card. This is what I came up with: I twisted brown strips of paper and shaped them into the numbers 2 and 1 for the “trees”. Then I quilled a variety of bugs and critters and positioned them so they were crawling around and hanging from the trees.


Custom Recipe Box

Recently, I finished making a custom recipe box for a client.  She saw one of the boxes listed on Etsy and requested a similar one.  I started by wrapping the top of the recipe box in a beautiful pastel striped card stock and wrapped the bottom of the box in a mint green card stock that matched the green in the stripes perfectly.  Then I made a variety of flowers in the same colors as the top of the box.  I made the flowers in all different shapes and sizes and accented the flowers with little green leaves.  For the left and right sides of the box, I selected two colors and made some flowers in just those colors and made sure to alternate designs and colors.  On one side, I chose lilac and ivory and made one big flower and accented it with some smaller ones.  On the other side, I chose light blue and pale yellow and made one big blue flower and accented it with smaller yellow ones.  For the top of the recipe box, I made a “statement” flower on one side and smaller ones that wrapped around the top of the box in a backwards “L” shape.  On the front of the box, I positioned the flowers in an “L” shape down one side and a small cluster of flowers on the other.  When I gave the finished product to my client, she absolutely loved the way it came out.  And I have to say that out of all the recipe boxes I have made, I think this one is my favorite.  I love the color palate, the designs, and all the flowers used.  For more pictures and information, please visit Quills4Thrills on Facebook by clicking here or on Etsy by clicking here.

IMG_5559w IMG_5558w IMG_5551w IMG_5549w

Holiday Cards & Gifts

I decided to get a head start on Christmas (isn’t this the time it starts?) so I’ve been busy making some greeting cards and gift tags for this year. Last year, my christmas tree and poinsettia gift tags were such a hit that I decided to make more for this year. Each set comes with five of either the christmas trees or poinsettias and comes with a coordinating ribbon to attach to your gift.




I also made a holiday card featuring a quilled white snowflake that can be used for any winter holiday.



Last year, I made a greeting card featuring a christmas tree decorated with colorful ornaments and situated on a green and red plaque.  The card is accented with stripes and a gold band across the middle.



All of these items are currently for sale and can be purchased at  Just look under the “Holiday Cards & Gifts” section!


Decorative Wood Birdhouse with Quilled Accents

Every day on my way home from work I pass a farmhouse that has a variety of bright colorful birdhouses for sale, which always leaves me thinking of how I can incorporate my passion for quilling into the design of a birdhouse. Obviously I know they could never function as a real birdhouse because of the quilled work but why should that prevent me from making indoor decorations? So, while out shopping in my local crafts store, I stumbled upon some of the cutest little birdhouses I’ve ever seen! As I was driving home from the craft store, my mind was running on overdrive thinking of different ways I could decorate my newest project. I decided on a pale peach color as the color for the house and an acorn light brown color for the roof and bottom trim. Then I decorated the sides of the house with some quilled flowers, flower buds, and grass leaves and I quilled little birds and placed them sitting all over the birdhouse. And because this one came out so cute, I have about 4 more in the works that I’m sure will be just as cute as this one! Keep checking back here and on for new items coming soon!